Esco's vision is to provide enabling technologies for scientific discoveries to make human lives healthier and safer. Thus, the have been involved in the fight against climate change since it started in 1978. Aside from ensuring that production is done in the most environmentally way possible, the company guarantees that the products they produce would promote cleaner air and greener environment for the welfare of the users and the living world.

The range of PCR cabinets produced by Esco is equipped with technology that not only cares for your samples but for you and the environment as well. They are the first company to use the German made ebm-papst rotr in laminar flow products. These motors provide energy efficiency, compact design, and flat profile.

The automatic UV decontamination system decreases the power consumption of their PCR cabinets, increasing the enrgy efficiency capability of the product. The backward curved wheel with external rotor motor delivers class-leading enrgy efficiency for lower operation costs.

To produce these environment friendly products, one in every four Esco employees is involved in Research and Development to produce energy efficient equipment. Wit Esco you are sure tat your safety and the environement is one of the top priorities.